Commercial Building Security Doorman 

At LDS, Inc. we know that the doorman that is provided by our company serves as the first and last contact for every individual entering and exiting your premises, so we make sure that every doorman we assign is trained in resident and guest relations, delivery procedures, emergency situations and more.

A doorman in NYC must be reliable, alert and always attentive. That’s why to become a doorman at LDS, Inc., individuals undergo thorough background checks and extensive training. Only then do they qualify as dependable doormen for our company. We further select based upon their ability to seamlessly fit into the culture of your building.

In addition to a doorman, luxury condominiums, co-ops, and upscale rental buildings may offer their residents the convenience of an in-house concierge. Whether you need dinner reservations, tickets to a show or transportation, all it takes is a call with LDS polite and professional concierge personnel.

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