Fire Watch Guard

A Fire watch guard is a trained and experienced professional that you hire to patrol your building/estate in order to identify fire hazards. Fire watch guards work in shifts in order to cover the premises 24/7. and act swiftly in case of a fire by alerting the fire department. 

Fire Watch Guards Prevent Fires

A fire watch guard’s job is to prevent and minimize the damage a fire can do by performing regular checkups to see whether your anti-fire equipment is fully operational and to search for potential irregularities. Fire watch guards provide full guidance and assistance to businesses experiencing difficulties with their current fire system as well as those who wish to add a layer of security and protect their property.

Fire Watch Protection

Our fire watch guards are usually hired when someone deems there is a great chance of a fire breaking out at a location. This can be due to a faulty alarm system or related to certain construction processes such as welding and flame-cutting. Businesses that wish to protect their employees as well as their property and equipment (and avoid potential fines), turn to our fire watch guards to check for fire hazards.

Fire Watch Protection You Can Count On

Fire hazard are real and you can never be too prepared. Having a fire alarm and a fire extinguisher in place is not sufficient to protect you and your business from danger. Whether it’s a major event you want to ensure runs smoothly, or you run a high-risk business and want to provide a safe environment, our fire watch guards at

Lock Down Security are ready to protect the area.


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